Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thank You!

A big thank you to all who helped us celebrate our first birthday this past weekend and to those who helped out in the kitchen and behind the counter.  It was a great day! We have come a long way in a year.  Looking back, we are amazed by how little we knew starting out and how we have adapted and changed the way we do things to make everything run a bit more smoothly each day.  We are still learning and I'm sure by next year at this time we will once again be looking back in amazement.

Here are a few pictures from a wedding that we did and a cake that we made for Icing Smiles . . .


This is Lyndsay, our part-timer, in case you haven't met her yet!  She made this cake for Icing Smiles.  If you haven't heard of Icing Smiles, it is a great organization! Visit their site and see what they are all about!

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