Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 - A New Year Full of Change

2013 – a new year full of change for us and our little bakery.
This last year was an extremely busy, exciting year for us at the bakery.  We cannot express enough how appreciative we are to have really great customers, friends and family that we get to interact with on a daily basis.  We were a part of countless celebrations this year – many weddings, birthdays, showers, holiday gatherings, baptisms, graduations and more.  It is truly a great job that allows a person to use their creativity daily to make people happy. 
Beth and I have both dealt with some personal challenges this year regarding our health.  Luckily, it seemed when one of us was down, the other was able to cover and we made it through with the help of friends and family.  We have also both taken on additional commitments and paired with those commitments, our health issues and, most importantly, our families, we have realized that we have to make a change.
So, our little bakery is on the market.  It was a really hard decision and our hopes are that someone will buy it and keep it much like it is.  We have had a few inquiries to this point and hope that right person comes along that will love our little space in the plaza as much as we have.  If you are that person or you know that person, please have them contact us through our ad on craigslist - .  We plan to be here part-time until we find a buyer.
Our hours starting January 4, 2013
Fridays           10-6
Saturdays      10-3
Sundays         10-3