Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter - A Day Late!

Well, it has been two weeks since our last post, so this is going to be a long one!  Lots of pictures to share!  The first being a cheesecake that was made for Passover on Monday.  The crust was made from ground almonds to adhere to the "no flour" rule.  It turned out great and got great reviews!

For Easter, we made cupcakes - Key Lime Pie, Red Velvet, Carrot, Coconut Dream, All Chocolate, Strawberry Blonde, Black and White, and more in a variety of sizes!  Check out the cupcake page to see photos.  It was a very busy Friday.  In addition to the cupcakes, we made a 3D Lamb Cake, which I forgot to take a picture of and 30 mini cheesecakes, much like the one pictured above, just smaller.

For our Easter celebrations with family we made Bunny Cake Lollipops.  They were really cute and were a huge hit.  The brown ones had peanut butter cake inside, the white ones had chocolate cake inside and the yellow had a mixture of yellow and white cake inside.  For the details - more chocolate!

About 4 dozen decorated cookies were made and sent on their way to three different homes for celebrating Easter.  A bunny, a tulip, a cross and some Easter eggs were the cookie cutters of choice this year!

Before Easter, we were given a key to our potential space!  We have been there several times - a couple times to just look around, a couple times to have it measured for flooring and once with an architect who is drawing up the plans for the kitchen and the front end.  Things are moving forward!  We are just waiting for Bread Company to sign a waiver stating that we can move into the plaza.  They have to be sure that we aren't going to cut into their profits since they have an exclusive clause for baked goods in their contract.  The leasing agent believes it is just a formality and will not be a problem.  We should hear something this week!

This is the current state of the space.  When you walk in the front door, this is what you will see.  The door to the kitchen and the long hallway to the bathrooms.

The ceiling is open - no drop ceiling, which is something we like about the space.  It is so dusty right now - I think you can actually see the dust on the air duct in this picture!

This is the front door and the front windows.  It is in bad need of new flooring, paint and lots of cleaning!

Another view of the front end.

This is a view from the kitchen window.  This is where the front counter and dining area will be eventually.

A view of the kitchen from the very back.  You can see the front door through the kitchen door.

This is a view of the kitchen from the front end, through the window.  The ladder is kind of in the way.

We have received the drawing from the architect, so we know what the kitchen will look like and how everything will be arranged.  Looking forward to the extra workspace and more refrigerators!!!!

Hopefully we will be able to report that we have signed the lease by next week!  Hope everyone had a great Easter and we will post our progress again next week!  Have a good week!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Still Negotiating!

Another busy weekend of baking!  We had a first birthday cake that was supposed to be two tiers but I got a little carried away while decorating and made it three.  With the crown on top, it appears to be four!  It turned out exactly as I had hoped it would.  One of my favorites!

Also for this weekend, a Cars Cupcake Tower!  My nephew turned 4 and he LOVES Cars!  So I found a variety of rings, flags and cars to use for cupcake toppers and then built a matching stand.  The Cars ribbon was a lucky find but was perfect!

We are still negotiating our lease but hope to come to an agreement by the end of this week on the space in Dierberg's Plaza on Telegraph.  We are also now the proud owners of two refrigerators, a convection oven, a freezer, a desk, shelving, pans, containers of all sizes, cooling racks, and more!  We are on our way!  Our credit card machine should be functioning within the next day or so, too! 

If you need baked goods for Easter, let us know ASAP!  Our next few weekends are really busy!