Sunday, April 10, 2011

Still Negotiating!

Another busy weekend of baking!  We had a first birthday cake that was supposed to be two tiers but I got a little carried away while decorating and made it three.  With the crown on top, it appears to be four!  It turned out exactly as I had hoped it would.  One of my favorites!

Also for this weekend, a Cars Cupcake Tower!  My nephew turned 4 and he LOVES Cars!  So I found a variety of rings, flags and cars to use for cupcake toppers and then built a matching stand.  The Cars ribbon was a lucky find but was perfect!

We are still negotiating our lease but hope to come to an agreement by the end of this week on the space in Dierberg's Plaza on Telegraph.  We are also now the proud owners of two refrigerators, a convection oven, a freezer, a desk, shelving, pans, containers of all sizes, cooling racks, and more!  We are on our way!  Our credit card machine should be functioning within the next day or so, too! 

If you need baked goods for Easter, let us know ASAP!  Our next few weekends are really busy!

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  1. Beautiful work! Welcome neighbor! from the dental office nextdoor. We can't wait!