Monday, June 18, 2012

Two Weddings in One Day . . .

Crazy weekend!  We had two weddings on Saturday and we made it work.  Everyone chipped in and we delivered in plenty of time to both locations.  Thanks to Beth, Kaitlin, Mark, Macy, Holly, Liz, Angela and Lyndsay for all that you did to help make it happen this weekend!

Speaking of Lyndsay, she is our new employee!   For now she is working before we are even open in the mornings, but eventually, she will be one of the new faces that you will see when you stop by our shop.  Welcome Lyndsay!  We are happy to have you join us!

Pictures from this week . . .

 Cake for wedding number 1

A groom's cake -
fishing, mountain biking and camping theme

Cake bites for wedding number 2

Chocolate covered pretzels

Wedding cake and cupcake tower

The wedding cake, up close

Fancy cupcakes for a birthday party

A group photo of all combinations that were used

Come and see us this week!

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