Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Customer Review . . .

I meant to post this in my weekly post on Sunday, but am just now getting around to it.  One of our first time customers sent me an email this past week after visiting our shop.  She bought our All Chocolate Cupcake and here's what she thought . . .

Hi Amy,

I just visited your cupcake café and enjoyed a chocolate ganache cupcake. I was thinking as I left with my cupcake, “Oh this is a big cupcake; I will eat half when I get back to the office and the other half later after dinner.” Well, I took one bite and I was lost in the land of chocolate, butter cream, chocolate, ganache, and more chocolate. I ate the whole thing in a state of mesmerizing chocolaty bliss! It is, umm, was, the best cupcake I have ever eaten! Wow! Whatever you are doing in that kitchen of yours is working, keep it up! I will be back soon and often.

Still smiling thinking about that cupcake,


Love to hear good things! Thanks Dawn!

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