Saturday, September 17, 2011

The First Two Weeks

Busy, busy, busy!  It's been a great, but exhausting first two weeks.  Lots of working hours, little sleep and no time for meals. 

We are still trying to get into a routine of some kind and just when we think we know what we are doing, we find out that we really do not.  Judging how many cupcakes we need each day has been quite challenging!

With all of that said, it is still exciting to walk into our bakery, nearly everyday, and realize that it actually exists.  It is not just a dream but a reality!  And, we have customers!  Thank you to everyone that stops by to visit us each day.

We were interviewed during our first week in business and had an article written about us this past Wednesday at  Here is the link if you missed it or if you would like to see how it all began

We have been really busy in the special order department the last two weeks.  Just a reminder - if you need to place a special order, please do so early.  Our weekends fill up fast and there are a limited number of orders that we can fill each week.  We were completely booked this weekend and had to turn down several orders, which we don't like to do.  Because we are a small bakery, with limited equipment and staffing, there are only so many baking hours in a day for us, which limits the number of special orders that we can fill.  We will do our best, but we may have to say no occasionally. 

Speaking of special orders, the following are a few pictures from some of our orders the past two weeks.

A wedding cake for today. 

A birthday cake for Sunday.  This had coordinating cupcakes and soccer ball cookie favors, too!

Last weekend's wedding cake for a good friend.

Extra large cupcakes cakes!  Look how small our regular cupcakes look when up against the cupcake cake! 

A baby girl ogre cake for my little niece who is turning two.  She loves Shrek!

We have had many questions regarding special diets in the past two weeks - allergy friendly, dairy free, diabetic friendly and gluten free.  Because we are small and have limited equipment, it may be impossible for us to provide true allergy free/gluten free products.  Dairy free and diabetic friendly options may be a possibility in the future, but we do not currently have these items in our menu.  We are experimenting with a few recipes.  Our goal before introducing these products to our customers is to be sure that they taste great and are safe to consume.  We do not want anyone to eat anything that will make them sick, due to a pre-existing condition, so we will keep you updated!

A new menu for next week will be posted by Sunday night!  Let us know what your favorite cupcake is - either by commenting here or on Facebook.  Hoping to add a couple new ones to next week's line-up!

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