Monday, July 18, 2011

Mark Your Calendars!

Okay, so first things first, we have a tentative opening date!  Mark your calendars! If everything goes right and the health department gives us the go ahead in time, our Grand Opening will be on Friday, August 26 and Saturday, August 27!!!!!  We hope to have a large crowd both days, so tell everyone you know and plan to come by and pick up something sweet! 

We have made quite a bit of progress in the last few weeks.  A lot of running around and check writing.  Quite a few changes have come about inside the shop.  As you can see in the following pictures, the colors have changed.  The yellow and red walls are a thing of the past!

The kitchen floors have been buffed and waxed.  Can I just say, they were disgusting!  Now they are all shiny and looking almost new.  The new molding goes in tomorrow and then we will begin moving in the kitchen equipment and fixtures this weekend.  The ceiling in the dining area has been dusted and painted and all those little light fixtures that were blue and red have been painted black.  Quite an improvement!

Unfortunately, we still have the red and blue floors. Yikes!  No worries, a new floor is on it's way.  We will move all the equipment into the kitchen and then the new floors in the dining area will be installed in a couple weeks, probably while I am on vacation.  Picture a dark wood floor.  Can you see it?  After the floors go in, we will just have the counter area to finish up and then we can set up the coffee bar and bring in the tables and chairs.

Our viewing window is going to be a great place for the kiddos.  I plan to have my prep table under that window so they can watch cakes being decorated, cupcakes being iced and other items being prepared. 

Because we just couldn't wait, we hung a few pictures on the wall.  We had some of our photos blown up and printed on canvas for the big brown wall.  They are 30 x 30 and I really love them.  The coffee bar will sit just underneath.

The plaza has installed the hanging sign outside our door!  We are pretty official now.  Just waiting on our big sign - hopefully it will be up in the next couple weeks.  Our menu boards are in the works and some vinyl lettering for the windows will go up in the next week.  We have to commit to some store hours soon, as they will be posted on our door. Yikes!

I have baked about 84 cinnamon rolls in the last two weeks but haven't done much else.  We were out of town for a bit and July seems to be a slow month.  Guess it's the heat!  The flamingo cupcakes were for a party that my girls had with their friends.  I found the flamingos at the dollar store.  They were actually drink stirrers but made great cupcake picks and the cupcakes matched their party ware.

These cupcakes were for a birthday swim party.  The picks were handmade - flip flops, surf boards, sunscreen, beach balls, the sun, and a beach umbrella.  A few were personalized for Grace, the birthday girl.  Lots of bright summer colors!

If you would like to receive the details for the grand opening by email, just send us an email with "Grand Opening" in the subject line to  Or, you can just check back here periodically for more information!

Beth is out of town this week and I will be on vacation the second week in August.  When I get back, school will start and we will hopefully open the following week.  It's happening! 



  1. It looks awesome! I love the viewing window too. I know my son loves to watch the Dewey's pizza workers make the pizza up in Kirkwood. I'm sure it will be a big hit. Can't wait!

  2. What used to be in that store/area?